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America's largest retailer was known for value, but not for its values . We leaned into their longest standing asset, the spark, and turned it into a platform that showed the America that they see, told through associate and customer stories. 


When we fight hunger, we're feeding more than empty stomachs. We're feeding dreams, futures and possibilities. Lebron James' mother tells us the story of LeBron's childhood and the community that stood behind them to allow LeBron to achieve his dreams. 

Hearts of magic

“We live better…together. So together, let’s make it happen.” Department Manager Trizz The Whizz from Store #3751 in San Tan Valley, AZ, is a lyrical genius, and he’s here sharing his talent with the world.


We’ve seen our communities come together in inspiring ways. And as our associates have shown, there’s more than one way for us to lean on each other. We're here for you.

Dear Associates

Walmart's associates are thanked in a surprising, emotive tribute, orchestrated and documented in real time. 

United Towns

When you're in almost every town in the nation, you get to see the spark in each one. 'United Towns' debuted on Super Bowl and had Elton John tweeting about it.


Walmart sees the spark in the 20 million people that walk through its doors every day. This is a love letter from America's biggest retailer to its customers and employees.

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